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The new Jared commercial pisses me off. "It's ok, I had Subway for lunch!" He's just so irritating. Why are they still using Jared in their commercials!? He makes me not want to eat Subway.

I've been here awhile but haven't posted yet.

1) Who the hell are you? Jamie, current Subway hater.
2) Why do you hate Jared Fogle? Because I don't really like the fact that he's making money because he lost weight. There are so many people every day who lose a lot of weight and no one really goes crazy about it. I don't know I just don't like him.
3) Is Jared the devil? I believe the devil is Chris Carrabba, but Jared could be his evil sidekick.
4) Do you like sandwiches? Yes. But not Subway. They kinda suck anyway [not just because of Jared]. Quizno's is scrum-diddly-umptious.
5) If you met Jared in a deserted alley, how would you assault him and with what? I'd strangle him with his old fatty clothes.
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We should start a "Chris Carrabba is lame" community.

He is the most boring musician on earth.

I second that.
Pardon my ignorance, but who is Chris Carrabba?
I third that, I'm not even in the Jared-Hating community.
subway eat shit.jared get a life you cocksucker you piece of crap.he probably wanted not to die look at his pyrimand. look at the size of his pants! wikipedia said he used to wiegh more than 400 pounds! you are DEAD jared!
Jared was never fat how come we never saw his fat pic until five years after he was the spokes person