July 14th, 2003

I Love Jared

1) Who the hell are you? The Future Mrs. Jared Fogle, of course.
2) Why do you hate Jared Fogle? Hate him? Why would I hate him? We're getting married and we're going to have lots of babies and eat Subway sandwiches together as well as create a daily exercise plan.
3) Is Jared the devil? How dare you! Jared and I are Baptist Christians I'll have you know and we're going to attend church together every Sunday once he realizes he's in love with me and marries me.
4) Do you like sandwiches? Of course! Subway sandwiches are the best! Jared inspired me and since I first saw his commercial I've lost 463 pounds!
5) If you met Jared in a deserted alley, how would you assault him and with what? That's not very funny. I would never hurt my Jarry-poo. We're going to be in love you know. Did I mention that?

Well, you guys seem kind of moody and have said some mean things about Jared, but I'm sure that deep down you really do love him and are super special for devoting this site to him! I'm gonna drop in and say hi lots!

Bye all!
Mrs. Jared Fogle
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