July 25th, 2003


Hi, I'm new

1) Who the hell are you?
To the internet at large, I am Metro. Love me!
2) Why do you hate Jared Fogle?
Lying dirty rotten thieving whore for The Man. He also has more money than I do, albeit by getting paid to trick absolute morons, but still.
3) Is Jared the devil?
Absolutely, without a doubt. He's Rosemary's fuckin' baby. He's evil incarnate. He's the snake tongued conjurer. Send him back to Hell.
4) Do you like sandwiches?
Yes. Sandwiches kick ass. I'll even admit that I eat at Subway on occasion. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. Meh.
5) If you met Jared in a deserted alley, how would you assault him and with what?
Probably batter him with something blunt and trauma inducing. Like a nice big baseball bat. What can I say, I'm old fashioned.

I love you all.

That's not much of a question......oh....
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(no subject)

GeneralCDogg (6:17:50 AM): Where in Rhode Island do you guys go?
mandaistehsuck (6:18:21 AM): right near providence, which is awesome because they have that huge mall.
GeneralCDogg (6:19:06 AM): Ah, sweet
mandaistehsuck (6:21:27 AM): haha yeah. jared fogle was there once. but not when i was there. thank god.
GeneralCDogg (6:22:17 AM): heh. The Lord of the Sandwich
GeneralCDogg (6:22:27 AM): I really hate that guy
mandaistehsuck (6:22:56 AM): you should join my anti-jared community
GeneralCDogg (6:23:37 AM): *shameless plug!* heh
mandaistehsuck (6:24:23 AM): hahahaha i know, right? but come on, he sucked so bad that i just had to make a community about it
GeneralCDogg (6:25:05 AM): No judgements here. I'd've probably done it myself if I had thought about it.
mandaistehsuck (6:25:37 AM): he's so stupid! oh yeah, and he ALWAYS wears khakis.
GeneralCDogg (6:26:28 AM): haha. I never really noticed that 'til right now
mandaistehsuck (6:27:11 AM): haha, well he does. i don't think i've ever seen him in jeans. what a pussy.
GeneralCDogg (6:28:33 AM): Khaki pants were probably the only kind large enough to fit him when he still weighed a million pounds so he's probably still used to them
mandaistehsuck (6:28:48 AM): HAHAHA
mandaistehsuck (6:29:14 AM): i bet he was cooler when he was fat. like a big fat party animal. in hawaiian shirts and stuff.
mandaistehsuck (6:29:40 AM): he probably had the biggest bong on campus.
GeneralCDogg (6:30:18 AM): and it was probably shaped like a 12 foot sub
mandaistehsuck (6:32:17 AM): HAHAHAHA
mandaistehsuck (6:32:27 AM): i bet he tried to eat it when he was high
GeneralCDogg (6:33:16 AM): heh, and then all the bong water spilled into his mouth
mandaistehsuck (6:33:47 AM): haha yeah and then he'd be like, "OH DUDE! I'M SO STONED!"
mandaistehsuck (6:33:56 AM): "AND FAT"
GeneralCDogg (6:34:21 AM): ANd then burst into tears when he realized how pathetic he must seem
GeneralCDogg (6:34:32 AM): And that's when he waddled into Subway
GeneralCDogg (6:34:43 AM): MAn, we could totally write commercials for them
mandaistehsuck (6:35:53 AM): HAHAHA this is genuis!
mandaistehsuck (6:36:13 AM): i'd like to see a sad, crying, fat jared!
mandaistehsuck (6:36:16 AM): i'm so mean.
GeneralCDogg (6:36:46 AM): It's okay to be mean to people who are just plain horrible
GeneralCDogg (6:36:59 AM): IT's like kicking Hitler in the balls or smething
mandaistehsuck (6:40:41 AM): haha, you have a point
GeneralCDogg (6:42:12 AM): <--is now a member of the Anti-Jared Army
mandaistehsuck (6:43:52 AM): bwahahahaha
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