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His name is Jared... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12 Nov 2005|06:54pm]
1) Who the hell are you?
my name is jared. most people call me jear.
2) Why do you hate Jared Fogle?
why do i hate jared fogle? hmm... lets see... why do i hate jared fogle. because he made my high school years a living hell? because i STILL get "jared? LIKE THE GUY FROM SUBWAY?" cracks. because hes an all around fat slob who made a shitty sub chain even shittier? no, just because he is. because i loathe him more than any human being in the world. because i cant express my hatred for this man over the internet. this ones for all the people who ever made a subway joke about me. FUCK YOU.
3) Is Jared the devil?
no, hes damn close though.
4) Do you like sandwiches?
i love sandwiches
5) If you met Jared in a deserted alley, how would you assault him and with what?
my fists. i would go fists of fury/street fighter on his pussy ass.

thank you for this community.
eat fresh

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