eat my fuck. (bouncing_shoes) wrote in jared_is_lame,
eat my fuck.

1) Who the hell are you? i`m maribeth;; fool. you better recognize.
2) Why do you hate Jared Fogle? because he thinks he`s SOOO cool + he`s just not. plus;; he eats his boogers.
3) Is Jared the devil? YES. he makes babies + little children cry.
4) Do you like sandwiches? yes! infact;; i LOVE sandwhiches. i think they are scrumptious. but i prefer to call them "sammitches".
5) If you met Jared in a deserted alley, how would you assault him and with what? i would beat him with a subway sandwhich + pour a 20oz softdrink in his eyes. just for irony + spite.
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