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His name is Jared...

...and we hate him

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A dialogue between friends:
Amanda: haha, join my anti-jared community
Mark: jared who
Amanda: fogle
Mark: who the fuck is that
Mark: and what a gay last name
Mark: fogle
Mark: its like if you blow a bugle in a fog
Mark: someone hears a fogle
Mark: sweet lord, i am wasted. pardon me,
Amanda: from the subway ads
Mark: subways rolls are shit
Mark: i hate them
Mark: i go to real delis and get hoagies
Mark: get them to slice the meat as thery put it on
Mark: and use that good deli mayo they have
Mark: fuck i might even go to wawa later if i still have these motherfucking munchies in a little bit

Jared Fogle is a horrible, horrible person.

He even has an army.
If you don't already hate Jared, read dirty gossip about him and be converted.

This community is run by glamicon and me, x_ladytron_x.

Eat fresh,
The management